It appeared people were out in record numbers for the black Friday sales. It seemed like shoppers came out of nowhere to jam the malls and discount stores. Recently people were worried about the high gas prices and retailers were not sure if they would have the numbers for their sales. The sales tactics seemed to have worked by opening at midnight, offering larger discount and special discount for the pre dawn openings.

It appeared once again that the Nintendo wii was on top of the list once again. The associated press even reported that there were those that camped out at 3am outside electronics stores hoping to find a bargain. I have to admit I did go for some of the predawn sales, but most of all my shopping has been done online.

Shopping online is just far more convenient. You do not have the crowds and you can do it from home and most of the time you get better selections. This time of year it looks that the retailers can not seem to keep up their inventory.

I have opted to shop online for the majority of my holiday purchases this year. Its just much easier and best of all it's delivered right to my door.

Reports also were that people had arrived for the predawn sales in hopes to purchase a Nintendo wii console only to hear an announcement after the doors opened that they had sold out days before. Obviously there were a lot of disappointed and frustrated shoppers. Again if you buy nintendo wii online, chances are you will find it in stock. I have consistently seen them available online. There has been some price increases, but if you want it this year you may have to pay a bit more.

People are camping out at local retailers. Trying to become friendly with store managers in hopes that they will increase their odds of getting a wii console. Be prepared to get to your local stores early. People are lining up early to wait in hopes they will find a nintendo wii in stock. You may also have to call or visit these stores to find out when they get in their stock and if they expect shipments of nintendo wii consoles. It's all about timing. You have to be there early and it's first come, first served.

Once again the hottest product on everyones wish list is Nintendo wii. Once again shortages have caused a rise in the prices in places like ebay. Again the least frustrating and easiest alternative to the old fashioned way is to buy nintendo wii online. You will not have to call or go from store to store hiring the nab one. Save gas, beat the crowds buy nintendo wii online and chances are you will get your wish or should I say wii this year. Happy shopping.


Source by Candy Steele